We support you with consulting, support in the field of IT infrastructure. We also offer top-class cloud services.

What we can offer you

Our highly qualified team of experts in various areas of IT can prepare designs for optimizing the IT infrastructure that reflect the client’s possibilities and objectives.

IT infrastructure and security solutions comes with professional implementation services carried out by our trained and certified experts. Thanks to them, our clients can rely on the fact that the solution they selected will serve them reliably and fully achieve its potential.

All of our solutions and technology are accompanied by professional administration throughout the course of its operation. Thus, our clients do not have to train their internal staff for individual technologies. Our technical staff is continuously trained and certified for specific technologies.

IT Design

Every IT infrastructure eventually requires renovation or change due to new requirements related to a company’s main activities or the desire to reduce IT costs.

Proof of Concept Implementation

We will be pleased to provide fully functioning, time-limited testing for selected solutions and manufacturers. We can arrange for referential visits with existing clients or in the case of more complex projects we will implement a test installation of a specific Proof of Concept solution.

Technical Support

In the event of any failure, we are ready to provide swift and effective remote or on-site or assistance. For this purpose, our ServiceDesk and Hotline operate 24/7 with a reaction time from 2 hours.

Our Services

We are happy to provide support in the development, run and maintenance of your infrastructure. Regardless of whether we work for our customers on site or in our own data center, we always provide holistic support exactly where needed. We advise you on all aspects of modern open source environments with competence, passion and flexibility


If a client is considering a change (upgrade, migration, etc.), we can provide expert consulting services.

Network Services

Our highly qualified team of experts in various areas of IT design plans for optimization of the IT infrastructure, with the client’s possibilities and objectives in mind.


Find the right solutions to help you solve your toughest business challenges and explore new opportunities with our Cloud.

IT Security

Our portfolio of security solutions covers the most vulnerable parts of your infrastructure. We know how to protect your money, data and reputation.

Customer Support

Based on our vast experience we provide individual support packages.

Consulting Services

Not only do we help you keep up with the ever changing requirements, but we also ensure you stay one step ahead.

Voice Services

Our portfolio of comprehensive VoIP solutions caters to the needs of Carriers, Resellers and Service Providers.

IT Audit

We offer IT Audit services to assess the current status of the audited infrastructure, and provide our proposals and recommendations for modifications to the IT infrastructure.

Consultancy is our passion

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